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Pioneering A New Standard For West African Living


Opportunities For Sale, Lease & Development

Explore a selection of our long and short term sales and rental listings along with opportunities for development and renovation. Contact us to list your asset with us.

Welcome Home.

Backed by innovation, creativity, technology and experience, our world class real estate services are designed to make you feel at home in Africa. Whether you need a short term stay to visit your homeland or a home custom built for living the African dream, our team of experienced professionals are prepared to provide you with the right tools needed to help you own, lease, develop or sell real estate on the world’s fastest growing continent. Your African living experience starts now. 

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Development Made Easy with DWELLWISE

No more dropping the ball on development oversight.  From your first land purchase to asset handover, we're taking the guess work out of client facing project management. Our all inclusive property development platform is launching soon. 

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